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MetaCAM is the new frontier in the sheet metal CAD/CAM world and is currently the most comprehensive end-to-end solution. MetaCAM’s consistent user interface and seamless integration of all modules enable users to catalyze high productivity and shorten the learning curve in diverse industrial sectors.
Current CNC Machine Tool applications include Turret Punch Press, Laser, Hybrid, Multi-axis Laser, Plasma and Water Jet cutting. This fully integrated system has evolved into the most innovative CAD/CAM solutions in the market today.

MetaCAM Is The New Frontier In The Sheet Metal CAD/CAM World And Is Currently The Most Comprehensive End-to-end Solution.

METACAM CNC Software for Machine Tools

Get off to a flying start with MetaCAM’s capable tool inventory system, and the graphical turret layout editor. The intelligent auto-tool engine with customizable tooling patterns ensures you will seldom have to use an interactive tool to tweak results.

The auto-tooler can pick tools from the tool inventory and create an optimal turret load. Wire joints can be placed automatically based on preset rules and joint tools are used to create clean-breaking tabs. Automatic repositioning and sequencing are integrated into a single-click command that prepares punch tooling for posting to NC code.

  • Automatically Assign Finishing rules such as Wire joints, Corner joints, Stops, Dwells or Chutes.
  • Predefined Wire joints size and locations are used to automatically tab parts during the tooling process.
  • Graphical Top Views or Standard Table Views that are color coded by Range of the tools.
  • Drag and Drop support to add tools to a station with easy access to mount angles for a station.
  • One click Auto Tooler that automatically assigns tooling using the predefined metrics, settings and choices programmed by the user.
  • Punch Inspector that facilitates easy edit of tooling patterns, sequencing direction, finishing rules, nibble pitches.
  • Interactive and Manual Punching capabilities that can quickly assign desired punching patterns to geometry while allowing the user to select Tools and Punch Patterns.
  • Easy replication of existing tooling using the Move, Copy, Rotate and Flip feature
  • Simulate and view the Sequencing of the Tools, traverse lines, Clamps and Reposition.
  • Stop, Rewind, and zoom into parts of the sheet to check tooling.
  • Click on tooling to shop you the corresponding line of code or vice versa.
  • Simulation checks for Over travel, Clamp Interference and duplicate punching Calculate Time Study for Parts and sheets that can be used for Costing and Analysis.

MetaCAM’s CAM for laser, plasma and water-jet machines helps you get the most out of profile cutting machines. Sophisticated technology tables optimize machine parameters after analyzing parts.

MetaCAM also provides unparalleled support for special machine capabilities (special pierce cycles, switchback cutting, dual-headed machines and loader-unloader systems). Punch/laser combination machines are fully supported, and MetaCAM can automatically decide on the most optimal division of processing between punch and laser.

  • Automatically Tool Up parts and assign cut path to parts with a single mouse click.
  • Each cut condition is color coded for easy visibility and can be edited using the Tooling Inspect.
  • Simulate the Tooling process and check Cutting Order, direction and process of the laser head.
  • Automatically assign the appropriate cut condition from the Laser Database that corresponds to Etching or Marking.
  • Laser Database that holds different cut conditions based on Machine, Material and thickness. Piercing, Edge Control databases are also setup to automatically assign cut conditions based on the size of the part being tooled.
  • NC code editor that can save Code to different location. Predefine your network drive locations to automatically save Code to the correct folder.
  • Edit, copy, Paste code and also directly run simulations from the NC code editor. Generate Reports for the NC code with information such as Print Date, Programmer Name, Due Date and any Comments that need to be stored.
  • Automatically assign finishing rules, wire joints, Lead-ins and Lead-outs from predefined settings.

MetaCAM’s nesting engine has a palette of nesting algorithms to suit different needs. The tight integration with MetaCAM offers benefits that third-party nesting engines can never match. Reading from MetaCAM parts, the nesting engine directly generates MetaCAM layouts, greatly simplifying workflow.

  • MetaCAM’s nesting engine has a palette of nesting algorithms to suit different needs. The tight integration with MetaCAM offers benefits that third-party nesting engines can never match.
  • Reading from MetaCAM parts, the nesting engine directly generates MetaCAM layouts, greatly simplifying workflow.
  • In addition to rectangular stock, the nesting engine can also use irregular or remnant stock from previous nests.
  • It also supports special nests for right-angled shears or for multiple-torch cutters.
  • The nesting system has a tool conflict resolution system that can help untangle even the most complex nesting schedules. The system can keep track of the turret load on your machines, and will re-configure nested patterns to minimize time consuming tool changes.
  • You can throw a set of disparate parts with different turret loads into a nest, and the conflict resolution system will automatically or interactively guide you to resolving tool conflicts.
  • The variety of conflict resolution methods allow you to remain in control, while the centralized interface lets you focus on the task at hand.
  • MetaCAM can break away low efficiency nests that can be renested using a different nesting algorithm or a smaller sheet size. Easily retool parts from one machine to another and save them to a new location. Automatically sequence and Generate NC code for all nesting patterns generated with a single mouse click. Get Comprehensive Nesting Reports for all sheets with total qty of parts nested and Sheets used.
  • Keep track of your nesting efficiencies by Part Weight, Area Utilization of Parts, Slugs and Skeletons Build and Maintain Metacam Assemblies that can be easily loaded to run standard nest runs. Automate your nesting process by feeding text based input files to run nests in the background.

MetaWorks-SW is a highly advanced integrated sheet metal programming solution that ties the core engine of MetaCAM seamlessly into the Solidworks design environment. The integrated application will process/translate Solidworks models into sheet metal parts with the defined tooling technology right from your Solidworks window. MetaWorks-SW can easily convert models (SLDPRT) or entire assemblies (SLDASM) files into programmed parts and nested sheets. The software is designed for the Solidworks power user who can benefit from the interface.

Integrated and User Friendly Interface
Single Integrated Design Environment allows the designer to program parts right from Solid Works without leaving Solidworks or having to intermediate files such as DXF.
Processing Assemblies
MetaWorks drills down Solidworks assemblies and sub-assemblies, extracts the relevant sheet metal information, programs parts and loads them into a single nesting job for batch processing. The time saved in processing large assemblies with a single click versus manually programming each part justifies using MetaWorks-SW. Further, all part information is automatically inherited from the SolidWorks file and eliminates any chance of human error.

Key Features:

  • Integrated sheet metal programming solution for SolidWorks.
  • Automatically create programmed sheet metal parts from SolidWorks Model.
  • Integrity of Data maintained by reading material and thickness from SolidWorks Model.
  • Easily update model revisions and reprogram parts.
  • MetaCAM runs in a single integrated UI inside SolidWorks.
  • Batch Process assemblies and sub-assemblies into MetaCAM nested jobs.

Working from 3D models designed with MetaCAM’s 3D modeler, or imported from other packages, MetaBend can automatically assign punches and dies, position back-gauges, and compute an optimal bend sequence.

The interactive graphical tools allow you to customize bend setups, drag and drop back-gauges to different locations and re-sequence the bend operations.

The powerful Bend Overview window shows you the status of the entire press-brake operation at a single glance, and allows centralized control over tooling, gauging and sequencing. You can generate custom setup sheets from the bend module, showing step-by-step thumbnails of bend operation, tool lists and mount diagrams.

  • The bend modules simulation system provides detailed, precise and configurable simulation of the entire press-brake operation. Back gauge movement, ram stroke, part insertion and retraction are all animated.
  • A real-time collision detection system warns you of all potential collisions, while controls allow you to turn various parts of the machine display on or off.

No more teach-and-playback with your 5-axis machines. The complete array of tool placement routines can handle all surfaces like planes, developable surfaces and NURBS. Tooling can be placed at any taper angle and can automatically handle holes or trace along outer edges.

The real-time simulator uses highly optimized graphical drivers to run simulations smoothly on standard hardware with high-fidelity machine models. MetaCAM uses the fastest and most accurate collision checking system in the industry to completely validate cutting and traverse paths.

  • MetaCAM Rotary Package allows rotary-axis programming for circular, square and rectangular pipes. Shapes can be projected onto the pipe, or wrapped around the pipe. Holes can be arrayed around the pipe, and various types of end cuts can be programmed.
  • The Pipe Cutting Feature allows easy placement of holes, cutouts and wrapping text on pipes. All the data to design a pipe with its holes, and cuts, custom shape cutouts can be parametrically controlled making it very easy even for a beginner to use the software.
  • Fixtures are complete and ready-to-go with interlocking pieces, base plates with cutouts for the fixture ribs, and alpha-numeric markers on the rib plates to aid in assembly. A sophisticated flash-back avoidance feature automatically makes recesses in fixtures at locations where the laser nozzle cuts across.

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