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SprutCAM is a new-generation software program that works directly with the imported CAD data; it automatically calculates and generates an efficient toolpath for machining a model that can be graphically simulated to allow the user to check the machining parameters. After the user accepts the toolpaths, the software will generate NC programs using one of

In CAMWorks, you can generate a setup sheet using the existing templates or a customised one. A “setup sheet” is a printable file that contains information that the CNC operator can use to set up the part and the tools required to machine that part. It provides an overview of the NC program for the

Smart Door Frame Designer is unique automation software that reduces the design and manufacturing time of door frames. This helps in customising the design of door frames within a few seconds. This software allows the manufacturer to select a frame and make modifications and sizes based on the customer’s requirements. End-user can choose from a

Flux is an Integrated Sheet-metal CAM application. Using Flux, you can convert your sheet metal designs into CAM data, which can be used to drive various types of sheet-metal NC machines. In this blog, we will discuss how Flux minimises the production time using simple workflow and generates reports and NC codes. Operation of Workflow

CAMWorks virtual machine performs true G-code machine simulation directly from the G-code used for the CNC machine. CAMWorks is the first CAM software to bring true G-code machine simulation directly integrated within the CNC programming environment.  We will discuss some of the significant features of CAMWorks Virtual Machine in this blog.        

Probing has become an established best practice for maximizing the efficiency, quality, capability, and accuracy of machine tools. Standard routines built into modern CNC controls simplify the integration of probing cycles into machining operations. Machine tool probing potentially makes sense at nearly every stage of the machining process: Setup This Locates the part automatically and

Times are changing and the tool you need are changing with them. CAMWorks 2021 got some new enhancements and additions to improve your programming experience and productivity. Let me list them out for you. Milling Enhancements 5-Axis spiral swarf milling and minimise tilting CAMWorks 2021 provides additional parameters to ensure flexibility while defining the operations of

MetaCAM has a complete solution for your needs in laser cutting and punching the sheet metal parts. MetaCAM helps you to do both design and cut or punch the sheet metal parts within very few steps. Construct the part profile Add 2D features and Part adjustments Convert to 2D flat pattern Tooling and Nesting Generate

CAMWorks ShopFloor is a newly introduced application in the CAMWorks suite of software products. It serves as a collaboration tool between CAM Programmers (who use the CAMWorks application to generate CAM data for part models and/or assemblies to be machined) and the Machine ShopFloor (where actual machining of the concerned part models/assemblies take place). CAMWorks

The intelligence behind CAMWorks machining automation is the Technology Database (TechDB). The Technology Database is shipped with data that is considered generally applicable to most machining environments. To gain full advantage of CAMWorks, you will want to modify this data and input additional knowledge that represents your expertise and your facility’s capabilities and machining methods.

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