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Is there an option or feature to define the type of Clearance plane to be used for a Multiaxis operation? Read more on the new functionality in CAMWorks 2020 in the blog below. CAMWorks 2020 has added a new functionality to provide a visual feedback of the clearance plane generated for Multiaxis (5 Axis) operations

How can you generate curve features for Chamfering in CAMWorks? What’s new with the chamfer machining option in CAMWorks 2020? Learn more here.. The option to generate Curve features for Chamfering using Automatic Feature Recognition (AFR) is now available with CAMWorks 2020. CAMWorks 2019 version provided the ability to chamfer machines using a curve feature

How different is the Advance Edit Toolpath option with CAMWorks 2020? Does the Edit Toolpath functionality come with more insert options for the toolpath records? In the previous version of CAMWorks, when the Insert Button was clicked a separate New Toolpath Record dialog box would be displayed. Users had to input parametric values associated with

How does CAMWorks support Tabs cutting in Contour Mill Operations? How can the user define the critical tool path details instead of manually adding them in post processing? When machining mill features with an intent to retain the core material with a single contour mill pass, provision must be made so that the core material

What is CAMWorks Additive Manufacturing? How does additive manufacturing help with printing assemblies? The blog below introduces you to CAMWorks Additive Manufacturing and how one can 3D print assemblies with the extended functionality with CAMWorks 2020. CAMWorks Additive Manufacturing is powered by Materialise Additive Manufacturing (AM) technology to facilitate the production of metal parts, combining

What is Probing? How does Probing operations work in Mill Mode? How to assign the Probe tool to be used for the Probing operation? What is new with the probing operations in CAMWorks 2020? Read the blog here to know about this functionality. Probing is an established best practice for maximizing the efficiency, quality, capability

How to create Cluster tooling in MetaCAM? Here are tips on how to create cluster tool in Metacam. This command is used to create tools by drawing their shapes. Though it is normally used to create irregularly shaped tools, it can also be used to create standard shaped tools. Draw the tool shapes you want to

One of our customer’s query on CAMWorks was “Who uses CAMWorks with SolidWorks for their designing needs?” Customer wanted to machine only the specific faces on the part which is marked in blue in the image. Though it looks simple to machine, if you require particular pattern to suit your mould this can be tricky.

Read below on how CAMWorks uses latest technology, CAMWorks VoluMill, to generate ultra-high-performance toolpaths to help you machine faster and reduce costs significantly! Features and benefits of CAMWorks VoluMill Get Faster Cycle Times, double your machine capacity with CAMWorks VoluMill CAMWorks VoluMill™ is an ultra high-performance toolpath engine within CAMWorks for 2.5 axis and 3

What sheet metal software is worth your money and time? What are the features of MetaCAM? How is it different from ProCAM? CAD Importing of all the latest DXF and DWG formats, also the option of importing data straight from other popular 3D cad system like Solidworks, Solidedge, Inventor, Pro-e. When Importing DXF and DWG

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