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Manufacturing Companies always targets to meet high production with best quality. Design is one of the main process in manufacturing takes more time and delays in delivering the product. To overcome this challenge, manufacturing companies started to practice design automation because of its improved efficiency and productivity. CAD Automation Computer-Aided Design (CAD) is the process

CAMWorks 2020 stands unique by saving much of the programming time. Yes, we can be quick and make things done within few mouse clicks. Here we discuss the 5 more time-saving features of CAMWorks. Probe operations 5 axis volumill 3 axis volumill and CAMWorks adaptive roughing Combining strategies Map mill feature Probe Operations This is

Want to save your programming time? Let’s try CAMWorks 2020. CAMWorks stands unique by saving much of the programming time. Yes, we can be quick and make things done in a few minutes with CAMWorks. Here we discuss the top 5 time-saving features of CAMWorks. Coordinate system Hole wizard features Assign colours to model features

Here we have a solution for quick and efficient process. 2 Axis milling is a process of milling a part in X and Y directions and the tool motion is along 1 or 2 Axes simultaneously. It is usually a quick and simple process in CAMWorks. The main advantage of the 2 Axis milling in

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This mode is used to stretch (or shrink) tooling. To stretch tooling, first select the tooling you want to stretch by clicking on it. The end of the tooling closest to your click point will be the one that stretches. (You can select additional tooling for stretching by holding down the Ctrl and Shift keys

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Have an idea, but don’t know where to start? We have the perfect solutions for your 2D, 3D modelling, NC machining and even making parts without having to wait for days and months. Our software is user-friendly, self-explanatory and if you do get stuck, we are here to help you out. CAMWorks/SolidWorks is the perfect


Introducing CAMWorks Continuous B Axis Functionality for Machining Turn Finish Operations The advantage of this Continuous B Axis Turning functionality is that users can machine the Turn/Mill-Turn part models with a lesser number of setups. In CAMWorks 2020 SP3 version, this functionality will be available for Turn Finish operations. Types of Cut for the Turn

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A Digital Transformation is underway.. And it’s not just Paperless but Digital – Drawings and other documents can be converted to PDF’s (for example) to create “Paperless” environments… but unlike a static PDF. digital information can be analysed and leveraged by downstream applications like CAM, inspection, suppliers, and service. A major part of this transformation

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In the middle of the current COVID-19 pandemic, NCTOOLS was contacted by a young engineer interested in making a fundamental change in their furniture manufacturing business. Their small, family-owned business of building custom made furniture was fraught with older technology and virtually no automation apart from an older router.  A full upgrade to 21st-century technologies


In the past, the only way to carry out the process of Saving DXF for SOLIDWORKS users was to save individual parts as DXF, though some of the Free Macros available can make this process a bit easier. Now, however, NestingWorks software which provides for automated nesting for users inside SOLIDWORKS. This works using algorithms

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