About Us

Over 20 years, we have offered CAD/CAM and manufacturing solutions to thousands of Australian and New Zealand companies.

We have built our reputation and business by providing CAD CAM Software and outstanding service, comprehensive knowledge and superior quality products.

Authorised Reseller for CAMWorks,MetaCAM,Ultimaker,ProShop,MSI,IntelliCAD

NC Tools

Service, quality and a reputation make up the core values of our company and employees at NC Tools. We offer a superior product at affordable prices so we can ensure our commitment to our customers day after day and year after year.

NC Tools has worked with thousands of companies in Australia and New Zealand. We have stayed ahead of the trends and changes in the technologies including 3D CAD, Milling, Turning, EDM, Plasma, Laser, Turret Punch and communication software for CNC controllers.

Why choose us


The backbone of any good business starts with people. Our team shares our vision, drive and has the necessary motivation through a commitment to one another and our customers.

Customer Service

We believe our customer service is in a constant state of flux as each day we ask the same question, “What can we do for our customers today to make their experience better?”

Solid Partners

From Innovation to shipping, we forged solid relationships with the companies who serve us and in turn we serve. Without them, we would be average.

An eye on the future

Technology will never slow down, and as it grows exponentially, we have to keep our focus on what is coming instead of what is current.
If you are looking for a solid and stable partner for your specific needs in the industry and are looking to establish a long and lasting positive relationship that consistently gives a quality product for maximum profitability, look no further.

Registered Business – NC Tooling Pty Ltd

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