ONE-click wire EDM programming!

Are you looking for the best software to run your CNC wire EDM machines that reduces your machining time and gives you accurate results?

This is for you! CAMWorks Wire EDM Pro 2021 is an add-in for SolidWorks developed to make your wire EDM program fast and accurate.

Programming these wire EDM machines is a challenging task that requires more attention. A small error can cost more material waste. For these problems, CAMWorks Wire EDM Pro 2021 is the best solution.

Using CAMWorks Wire EDM Pro, you can go from the solid model to G-code in ONE click!

Yes, Programming for complex 2- and 4-axis EDM parts can be done in just one click.

G-code in ONE click!

Before generating G-code, the machine has to be configured that includes the wire diameter and material, the desired number of skim passes, lead-in and -out lengths, and other standard settings.

Once the machine is configured, it automatically creates a toolpath and G-code program for a machine with just one click.

In addition, we can simulate the machining directly using G-code, and this helps the user review the simulation prior to running it on the machine.

Fast and efficient

Even complex 2- and 4-axis EDM parts can often be programmed in seconds, and the system is both easy to learn and use.

CAMWorks Wire EDM Pro includes automatic programming for complex 2-axis, 2-axis with taper and full 4-axis wire EDM machining.

To take your wire EDM programming to the next level, use CAMWorks Wire EDM Pro that increases efficiency and reduce delivery times.

Though CAMWorks is user-friendly and self-explanatory, we are here to help should you require assistance.

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