SprutCAM knife cutting Module

The Knife cutting tools are used for cutting of flexible and semi-rigid materials.

The CNC machines are equipped with a variety of knife tools and blades. The blade of this cutting tool moves on the surface of the material as per the configured tool path.

Unlike other tools such as spinning tools, laser heat, or water jets, CNC knife cutting machine transfers no heat while cutting the material. As a result, the knives and blades of the machine remain clean, simple and save in different environments.

From garment to knitting, packaging, graphics, leather, and textile industry, large manufacturing firms are using CNC knife cutting machines to process all types of material involved with the tasks like cutting, routing, creasing, scoring, plotting, punching, etc.

Knife cutting in SprutCAM

SprutCAM has 2 special Modules for the knife cutting:

  • Knife cutting 2D
  • Knife cutting 6D

Knife Cutting Tool

Knife Cutting 2D

Operation knife cutting 2D is designed for the programming of sheet workpiece cutting.

The knife usage adds the additional requirements for the machine. The machine has to have, except the Linear X, Y, Z-axes, the additional rotary axis that rotates the tool around. This axis must be defined in the machine schema. If it is absent, then the generated tool path will be incorrect.

The knife behavior in the sharp corners are defined by parameter corner retraction.

Knife Cutting 6D

Operation Knife cutting 6D is designed for the carving on the shaped spatial surfaces.

In every point of tool path, the knife blade must be directed along the motion. It requires all 6 degrees of freedom. So active machine must have a minimum of three linear and three rotary axes. Very often the industrial robots are used for the knife cutting. If the machine schema does not support all degrees of freedom, then the generated tool path will be incorrect.

As same as 2D knife cutting, the knife behavior in the sharp corners is defined by parameter corner retraction.

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