How to be smarter and more productive when preparing a DXF for laser cutting

Many companies spend hours preparing the DXF files their customers send them. These DXF files typically consist of many layers that contain information for manufacturing. Nestled in them is a flat pattern layer for laser cutting.

This was the situation that one of our customers faced. An important client was sending them more than 200 DXF files a day containing parts that had to be cut by the laser for an urgent project. They spent about 2–3 minutes per DXF cleaning up the files and saving them in a new folder using 2D CAD software. Not only was this time consuming, but it was such a mundane task that no one wanted to do it. Rather than put up with it, they called us for help, and our engineers were able to provide a solution within two business days

Layer Remover

Layer Remover has a simple user-interface that no training is required

It has two boxes where we can drop the files and generate output, they are:

  • Dropped folder -Here we can drag and drop the required folder that has DXF files in it. We can also add and remove the folders by clicking + or buttons under the space.
  • Flies -After dropping the folder, this box will display the files from that folder.

If we select the DXF checkbox, it will automatically filter all the DXF files from the folder and display. If the checkbox is not selected, the Files box will be empty.

We can manually select each DXF as required or we can select by selecting select all checkbox.

After selecting the required DXF, the Layer Remover will remove all the other layers except cut layers from the selected DXFs by just clicking on the Start button.

It will create a folder called Cutting Layer and place all the output DXFs into it. If any of the DXFs are with errors or no cut layers found, it will generate a report.

DXF before using Layer Remover:

DXF After using Layer Remover:

Layer Remover could generate output for n number of files at a time within a few seconds. This will make a huge impact on productivity by saving more time and also reducing so much of human effort. On this Project, it took less than 10secs to process 100 DXF

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