Design Your Door Frames Within Few Seconds

Smart Door Frame Designer is unique automation software that reduces the design and manufacturing time of door frames. This helps in customising the design of door frames within a few seconds. This software allows the manufacturer to select a frame and make modifications and sizes based on the customer’s requirements. End-user can choose from a variety of profiles and can be customised to company standards and customer needs.

This smart software allows the manufacturer to select a frame, make modifications and size to the customer’s exacting specifications. Input the necessary door details, materials, specific thickness, and hardware requirements into the software, and the design is ready.


Profile option contains different types of door frame profiles. From which we can choose the required profile of the door frame as per the requirements. Generally, it has three types of profiles,

  • Single Rebate
  • Double Rebate
  • Slider

Choose any one of the profiles from the profile option.

Design Tabs

There are four tabs that define the step-by-step process of designing the required door frame.

Profile tab – Under the profile tab, the profile of the door frame is displayed with default dimensions. You can edit the dimensions as per the required output.

Click on the Symmetry check box if you want the profile to be symmetric. This will automatically change the dimensions to be symmetric.

Sizes tab – This tab has the size and material options for the door frame such as reveal height, reveal width, material, material thickness, and door type (left, right and double door).

Choose the options and enter the values as per the requirements and move on to the next tab.

Sizes Tab

Hardware tab – This tab contains hardware options such as hinges, locks, holes. Choose the required options under each hardware.  Click yes or no based on the requirements. For example, click yes if the hardware is needed and click no if it is not required.

Hardware Tab

Summary tab – This tab contains the summary of a door frame design generated on the right side and output details on the left side. Give the order number, choose the output path, select the checkboxes based on the requirements and click create frame button.

Summary Tab

You can also create and save a profile as template. While choosing the profile, we can choose the saved template from the template option.


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