Shorten the Process using MetaCAM 3D CAD

MetaCAM has a complete solution for your needs in laser cutting and punching the sheet metal parts.

MetaCAM helps you to do both design and cut or punch the sheet metal parts within very few steps.

  1. Construct the part profile
  2. Add 2D features and Part adjustments
  3. Convert to 2D flat pattern
  4. Tooling and Nesting
  5. Generate NC code

Construct the Part Profile:

Open a new 3D Model window and construct a new 3D part using the basic and advanced tools from the toolbar. To create a simple 3D part, you can use tools such as Rectangular plane, Cuboid, Cylinder, Cone, Flange, etc.,

Add 2D features and Part adjustments

After the part is created, you can add any 2D features if needed. This can be done by using the Edit plane tool. Once the 2D features are drawn click the Post edited plane option on the construct toolbar to make the 2d features reflect in the 3D part.

If needed, adjust the part parameters as per the requirements.

Convert to 2D Flat Pattern

Once the construction of the 3D part is done, convert it into a 2d Flat pattern using the Unfold Model option.

Tooling and Nesting:

After converting into a 2D flat part, tool the part using tooling options and nest the part as per the requirements.

Tooling can be either laser tooling or punch tooling based on the requirements.

Simulate and generate NC code

Simulate the part to see how the laser cutting or punching is programmed and generate NC code once everything seems to be correct.

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