Program your Laser cutting in MetaCAM

MetaCAM has a complete solution for your needs in laser cutting.

MetaCAM is a leader in Sheetmetal CADCAM.

Some of the features

  • Auto-tool the parts and assign a cut path to parts with a single mouse click.
  • Each cut paths are color-coded for easy visibility.
  • Simulate the Tooling and can check Cutting Order, direction, and process.
  • MetaCAM provides an extensive database to control various aspects of laser tooling, such as cut conditions, pierce conditions, approach, and escape settings.

MetaCAM Laser programming:

MetaCAM Laser generates an optimised numerical control (NC) code for the parts that are imported into plasma cutting, laser cutting, waterjet cutting machines.

In MetaCAM, the process is very simple: Import the file, edit the part settings, choose auto-tooling or interactive tooling, set the layout settings (if needed), run the simulation, generate the NC code, and you are done.

Import and Part settings:

Import the 2D or 3D file in any of the supported formats such as DXF, STEP, IGES, or Solidworks mode. Edit the import settings as per the requirements, and click OK.

The part settings dialogue box appears. Make sure that all the required material and machine details have been chosen correctly, and click OK.



When the part settings have been done, click on the laser tooling tab. We can use either auto tool option or manual tooling as per our needs. Auto tooling is preferable since it ease the work by generating the cut paths in one click.

The tooling can be done manually and edited through options such as manual tool complete polyline, move pierce points, edit tooling, or optimise pierce position.


In the Edit tooling option, we can edit the approach settings and escape settings. Here, we can change the length, angle, and radius of the piercing point for both the start and endpoint of the cut path.

Layout part:

Layout part is a nesting process. Save the part before converting the part to layout.

Click on the layout icon. Set the layout settings as per your requirements, and click OK. Your layout is ready with tool paths. Layout patterns also can be edited by using the options in the pattern tab.

Simulate and Generate code:

Tool sequencing should be done before simulating. Tools can be sequenced either automatically or manually.

Now click on the simulation button to simulate the laser cutting.

After the simulation, when everything seems to be right generate the NC code by clicking Generate NC code Icon.

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