What’s New in SprutCAM 15

As times change, so do the tools you need. A number of enhancements and additions have been made to SprutCAM 15 to enhance your programming experience. Here is a list of them.

Multi-parts projects/Tombstone machining

The possibility of machining several parts in one project was added. The project defines a part as a special group of operations. Within the group, all operations are coordinated by one part. A part can be placed separately and can have its own origin. Addition of a special mode for reordering the machining sequence in order to minimise the number of tool changes.

New workflow for multi-task machines (MTM) 

As a result, the components completely transformed the way projects are created for the multi-task machines (MTM), turning centres with sub-spindles, and Swiss-type lathes. Usually, these types of machine-tools have two or more channels. Two copies of the part are machined simultaneously. In the main spindle, one copy of the part is fixed and the other is placed in the sub spindle.

New experimental parametric 3d CAD

Use sketch, extrude, and revolve to create parametric 3D models. You may use them as parts or fixtures.

New generation .NET and Visual Studio Code based postprocessing toolchain

As well as the traditional Postprocessor generator (which generates *.sppx files), you can now develop postprocessors using the latest development tools. Using the latest version of the .NET platform and C# as the programming language, you can create postprocessors of a new type – files with the * .dll extension.

Axis map for 5-axis machines C axis precise handling

The toolpath can be explicitly defined for the C axis so that singularities and collisions can be avoided. The color in the map indicates the minimum deviation of tool normal (when C axis is fixed) from the one defined in the job assignment. The normal deviation map panel allows threshold values to be defined for these zones. The dotted splines represent optimal trajectories (solutions) for the C axis when there is no deviation from the original normal, with different values of the “Flip table” parameter and shift (360 degrees).

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