Item No 190
Product Name Vertex double clamp vise VMC-4D, VMC-6D
Category Modular Vices
Product Type CNC Accessories

Vertex double clamp vise VMC-4D, VMC-6D

New design & unique construction.
Exclusively designed with a combination of machinable fixture jaws and hard jaws.

Double clamp seat:

One handle can simultaneously operate two movable jaws and clamps 2 pieces of the workpiece of the same size or a different size or one large workpiece. This model can increase the efficiency and productivity of CNC machine.

High & excellent rigidity.

The vise is made of FDC 80000 psi (55kg/cm2) ductile iron, and the slideways are hardened to HRC45. The rigid construction prevents the base from distortion.

Precision made to high accuracy standard.

  • The whole body is precisely grounded and height tolerance is within ±0.025m/m(±0.001”), therefore several vises can be lined p for production.
  • The movable jaws provide alignment to the workpiece without jaw lift.
  • The height of the jaw plate is 30% higher than the other vise with the same size.
  • There are 6 kinds of clamping ways to meet workpieces of different shapes and sizes.

Machinable fixture jaws

This is a new work holding concept.

When you own it, your requirements are going to be satisfied.

Just machine the surface of the flexible soft jaws based on your needs. It is not only quick, but also very economical.