NestingWorks Software

NestingWorks SoftwareNests Layouts Of SOLIDWORKS Parts

NestingWorks Software

The newest 3d design tool in the SOLIDWORKS environment to help optimize sheet metal and flat stock designs.

NestingWorks software is an automatic nesting module that is seamlessly integrated within SOLIDWORKS. It is designed to nest the layouts of SOLIDWORKS parts or assemblies. It allows the users to seamlessly transition 3D SOLIDWORKS models, as well as sheet metal parts or assemblies to CAM, nested SOLIDWORKS 3D assembly files. NestingWorks uses NESTLib®, one of the fastest and most feature automatic true-shape nesting libraries available in the industry.

With single dialog box ease-of-use, NestingWorks is extremely simple to use and provides industry leading capabilities to help optimize not only the design, but to also optimize material usage when laying out parts on a sheet.

Key Features

The 3D Sheet metal or Solid models or assemblies can be directly imported as an input, without converting them into flat patterns or DXFs. The SOLIDWORKS interface makes it easy-to-use

NestingWorks layouts update with changes in design. The updates are tracked and flagged whenever the component is changed. Also compatible with downstream manufacturing tools.

Provides the nesting output as a new SOLIDWORKS assembly and retains the original part and assembly. The SOLIDWOKRS nested assembly can then be used for further processing, such as toolpath and NC Code generation with CAMWorks or any other CAM software, if required.

Automatically sorts multiple parts, based on material and thickness, within an assembly in a single run. This feature helps users eliminate manual efforts in segregating individual parts with the same material and thickness for a nesting operation.

The advanced true-shape automatic nesting algorithms reduce raw material consumption by providing optimised and compact layouts.

NestingWorks Video

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