1. What is a CNC machine?

A CNC machine is basically a computer controlled high precision tool that is able to make intricate movements accurately and repeatedly. Our machines use common routers and spindles to mill, cut, engrave and shape materials in automated machining operations.

2. Do I have to buy the full version of SolidWorks or Solid Edge in order to run CAMWorks?

No! You do not have to buy the whole version of SolidWorks or Solid Edge. You can purchase a cost-effective CAD/CAM software package that includes CAMWorks and CAMWorks Solids (an integrated solid modeler) or you can purchase CAMWorks to run with the retail version of SolidWorks or Solid Edge. For more information, contact a NC Tools reseller in your area.

3. Do you want a WordPress theme that is well established with lots of users and/or theme downloads or brand new on the market?

There are pros and cons associated with buying both new themes and older themes. New themes will provide freshness, but they may also come with a few bugs. We developers try and think of everything a user will do or want, but thousands of plugins available, it is impossible. Without a doubt, there will be bugs and/or options that we forgot.

Older themes will have much of this worked out so the theme should come with fewer bugs, lots of options coded in, and custom CSS code to accommodate popular plugins. The negative to older themes is you will look like everyone else using it. The Striking theme from Kaptinlin is a great example as it is a very popular WordPress theme. Kaptinlin is a virtual rock star at theme support and his theme has lots of options built into it. Over 12,000 users on Themeforest.net have downloaded the WordPress theme since it was first introduced in October of 2010. This means it is possibly in use on almost as many websites. I can spot a Striking website from a mile away. Even with all the options, many website using Striking all look alike or at least very similar. This isn’t Kaptinlin’s fault, as he is a good theme developer. It is just the nature of stock WordPress themes.

Deciding how much uniqueness you need should certainly be part of your decision factor. If your new website or blog must look and feel fresh, plan on selecting a newly released theme or consider having one custom built for you.

5. Can I open files saved in CAMWorks 2015 in previous versions of CAMWorks?

Because of the addition of new features and advances in technology in CAMWorks 2015, CAMWorks data in files saved in CAMWorks 2015 cannot be restored in previous versions of CAMWorks.