Smart Door Frame Designer is unique Australian developed software for the Automation of Design and manufacture of door frame


  • Long and tedious door frame design done in seconds
  • Employee Login
  • Pre-loaded database of door frame profiles
  • Custom creation of door frame profiles
  • Creation of customer job
  • Compatibility with sheet metal software

Say Hello to the Smart Door Frame Designer

Certain customers in our industry demand the absolute best in hollow metal door frames. Customers expect the doors’ lightweight, durability, and strength meet even the most stringent standards. For the manufacturer, these demands pose interesting scenarios, requiring custom design-to-order and engineered to very exact requirements. In a highly competitive industry, a rapid-response, realistic quote and promise of fast delivery is absolutely vital.

The solution lies in Smart Door Frame Designer – a unique, automation software that reduces time for design and manufacture of these custom door frames to seconds.

End-users can select from a variety of profiles and can be customised to company standards and customer needs. Individual hardware requirements are also a part of the software – there is no need for additional software purchases.

The intuitive software allows the manufacturer to select a frame, make modifications and size to the customer’s exacting specifications. Input the necessary door details, materials, specific thickness and hardware requirements into the software, and the design is ready.

Smart Door Frame Designer automatically creates the three sides of the door frames.
CAM tool paths and setup sheets are generated and ready for manufacture smart Door Frame Designer is unique Australian developed software for the Automation of Design and manufacture of door frame.