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CAMWorks Software

Camworks Fully Integrated and Embedded in the SOLIDWORKS and Solid Edge interfaces. Eliminate time-consuming CAM rework due to design updates.

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MetaCAM Software

MetaCAM’s engine for laser, Turret Punch, plasma, router and water-jet machines helps you get the most out of your CNC cutting machines…

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ProShop Software

A shop management system for small to medium manufacturing companies. Our manufacturing software combines all the features of ERP, MES, QMS, CMMS …

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CNC Software

Premier fully integrated CAM system has all the modern features and functionality needed to boost machining efficiencies and maximize shop productivity.

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Specialising in Turret punch tooling and CNC Machine tool accessories. We bring you the best products at affordable prices.

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3D Printers

The Ultimaker 3 is the newest and most advanced 3D printer created by Ultimaker, which features sophisticated dual extrusion technology and advanced print head design.

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