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Flux is an extremely easy to use interface along with advanced CAD file processing and sophisticated next generation offline bending algorithms giving you full time and process savings without moving the bottle neck from the bend machine to the office.

Flux is a 2nd generation industry leading offline bending software, completely redesigned to give you manufacturing Accuracy, Speed and Automation

Next Generation Offline Bending Software, Powerful And Easy.

Flux engine allows import of multiple 2D and 3D files from a large range of CAD formats, without the need for OEM links. Flux can import 100 2D and 3D files from a range of extensively supported formats in under 10 seconds. Flux does not require you to have the native CAD software installed just click open and any of the 20+ supported formats are listed out to you. It also has bi-directional CAD to give you a complete CAD experience

FLUX has extensive press brake tooling libraries and configuration for automatic tooling along with additional support for angle measurement tools and the capability to create custom tools.

Validation for Bending is even more powerful with FLUX, with complete bend and brake analysis it will give you the visibility on any problems before instigating production parts.

Optimal use of back gauges for part support and Multistage setups are a key feature of FLUX.

FLUX has bending intelligence with optimal tooling and sequencing rules to make bending and operator handling more optimal

The FLUX Interface “Clarity” is designed to be a clean and intuitive interface helping reduce the all-important “Click” count and searching for which button to use!

Flux is driven by a brand-new workflow system aimed at saving the user a lot more time!


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