Item No 187
Product Name VERTEX-Modular-Precision-Machine-HYDRAULIC-Vises VMP-H SERIES
Category Modular Vices
Product Type CNC Accessories

  • Hydraulic
  • 4500kgf clamping force
  • High accuracy
  • Unlimited clamping range
  • High-quality alloy steel
  • High clamping pressure
  • Each one is the same as the height.
  • Can be used in multiple styles.
  • No length of the height limitation
  • No jaw lift
  • Low profile
  • All vises are matched
  • Swivel base be optional
  • Parallelism: 0.005/100mm
  • Squareness: 0.005mm

Modular vises are manufactured under rigid quality control.

Only the most suitable materials are used, and the accuracy of even the smallest components is assured. As a result of the high standard severe operating conditions.
The modular design and the concept of interchangeability make possible a wide variety of set up combination.