Intuitive, Automatic, Efficient CAMWorks Wire EDM is designed and developed specifically for Wire EDM processing – unlike most CAM systems that use modified milling commands for their EDM programming modules. The result is CAMWorks provides a more intuitive, automatic, and efficient method of generating EDM toolpaths and machine code.

For example:Certified gold product

  • AFR automatically assigns Feature attributes making it possible to define unique machining sequences in the TechDB.
  • 2.5 Axis and 4 Axis operations automate the creation of rough, skim and tab cuts.
  • Option to order cuts to machine parts with multiple pocket (die) areas.
  • Output rough cuts only, tab cuts only, or both.
  • Numerous processing order options allow the user to automatically change the order with a single command.
  • Output machine code for a different machine by simply selecting the machine make and model.
  • Automatically change cutting conditions for a new machine as needed.

Automatic Feature Recognition

CAMWorks is a feature-based CAM system that provides the ability to automatically recognize Die, Open Profile and Perimeter Punch machinable features.

  • Automatic Feature Recognition (AFR) analyzes the part shape and attempts to define the most common machinable features.
  • AFR recognizes features on native SolidWorks part models or on solid parts imported via IGES, SAT, etc.
  • AFR can save considerable time when defining machinable features.

Interactive Feature Recognition

CAMWorks provides interactive Feature wizards for defining features that are not recognized automatically or features that need to be defined for your facility’s machining requirements. Die, Punch, Open Profile and Perimeter features can be defined interactively.
Interactive feature definition is similar to SolidWorks feature definition. Multiple sketches, faces, loops and edges can be selected.

  • The 2.5 Axis EDM Feature wizard defines 2 Axis and 2 Axis with constant taper features.
  • The 4 Axis EDM Feature wizard defines 4 Axis features with an equal number of segments on top and bottom curves or with multiple shared swing points. Sync curves can be defined automatically or interactively.

Stock Definition

EDM stock shapes can be defined as a part bounding box, an extruded sketch or an STL file.
2 Axis and 4 Axis Contour Cycles

  • 2 Axis Contour operations automatically generate rough, tab and skim cuts on 2.5 Axis features.
  • 4 Axis Contour operations automatically generate rough, tab and skim cuts on 4 Axis features.
  • Core roughing.
  • Automatically generate land and taper toolpaths.
  • One Cut Punch & Die option for machining 2 Axis Die features.
  • Multiple skim passes: reverse or same direction.
  • Multiple entry points for operations machining multiple features.
  • Separate leadin/out methods for rough and skim passes.
  • Graphically set the XY position for the leadin and leadout point.
  • Numerous leadin and leadout methods for approaching and retracting from the part.
  • Automatic glue stop option.
  • Edit cutting conditions for the current operation and optionally save the parameters permanently in the cutting conditions database.
  • Processing order option to optimize wire threading.

Cutting Conditions Database

Optional cutting conditions database is associated to the post processor for the current machine make and model. The default data is based on information from the machine tool manufacturer and can be modified.

  • Simulate the machining order showing the wire and wire guides.
  • Simulated shapes can be saved as STL files that can be used as stock shapes for other machining operations.
  • Create section view of simulated EDM part.

For more information, download the Wire EDM PDF