Probing Operations in CAMWorks

What is Probing? How does Probing operations work in Mill Mode? How to assign the Probe tool to be used for the Probing operation? What is new with the probing operations in CAMWorks 2020?

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Probing is an established best practice for maximizing the efficiency, quality, capability and accuracy of machine tools. CAMWorks 2020 provides the functionality of Probing Operations using Probe Tools for Milling

Probe Tools for Probing Operations

A new type of tool named Probe Tool will be available in the CAMWorks Tool Library. Probe Tools can also be defined and saved in the TechDB. To assign Probe Tools to Probing operations, the desired Probe Tools can be added to the Tool Cribs in the CAMWorks user interface as well as the TechDB.

When adding or replacing tools in the Tool Crib using the Tool Select Filter dialog box, Probe Tools can be filtered on the basis of their Probe Diameter and Protrusion Length.

‘Tool Select Filter’ dialog box

To edit the parameters associated with a Probe Tool, use either the Probe Tool tab in the Edit Tool Parameters dialog box or Probe Tool page under Tool tab of the Operation Parameters dialog box for a Probing Operation.

Use the Probe Tool Tab to edit parameters associated with a Probe Tool

Probing Operations

Probing Operations can be interactively inserted by executing the Insert Probing Operations command on the CAMWorks Command Manager. Alternatively, this command is also available in the Operation tree in the form of the Probing Operation command in the RMB context menu of the Mill Part Setup and Operation nodes.

Executing this command displays the Setup for Probe Operation dialog box. Use this dialog box to either define a new Setup or pick an existing setup under which the Probing operation is to be listed.

Once the Setup is defined, create a probe operation by selecting the option of “New operation”.

To assign the Probe tool to be used for the Probing operation, pick either a Probe tool from the Tool Crib or add a Probe tool from the Tool Library using the options provided in the Tool tab.

When you click the OK button within this interface, the Probe Operation will be inserted in the Operation tree. Depending on the options set for editing operation name and comments, you will get the dialog box to edit the operation name.

Use the Operation Parameters dialog box of the Probe Operation to edit the settings for the Probe operation.

In CAMWorks, you can define various types of probe cycles. These include Probing a single face, Web, Pocket, Boss features and Bore features (Holes). Also, the other cycles include probing the boss feature and bore features through 3 points

New Operation: Probe Operation Dialog Box

Probe Tab of Operation Parameters dialog box for Probe Operations

Use the F/S tab to define the federate which the probe will move. This federate can be defined either by the Tool or by Operation.

Two feedrates need to be assigned in the F/S tab for Probe operations – one for Protected moves and the other the actual probe moves.

F/S tab in Operation Parameters dialog box for Probe Operations


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