Next Generation Off-line Software for Your Press Brakes

Flux is an Integrated Sheet-metal CAM application. Using Flux, you can convert your sheet metal designs into CAM data, which can be used to drive various types of sheet-metal NC machines.

In this blog, we will discuss how Flux minimises the production time using simple workflow and generates reports and NC codes.

Operation of Workflow

Flux can import 20+ file types that are currently being used in the 3D and 2D formats. File formats include CATIA, IGES, SolidWorks, SOLIDEDGE, DXF, SAT, Parasolid, etc,

Once you open the file, you can view the workflow by clicking the workflow icon or pressing the W key. Click on the plus icon to do the respective operation. For example, if you see the plus icon near unfold to the 2D option you can unfold the part by clicking the plus icon.

To simulate or view the bending, click on the bend tech option. And click on the post-process option to generate the report and NC code.

Bend Navigator

When you are in the bending view, the Bend Navigator panel appears along the top edge of the Flux window. This navigator provides a quick way to navigate through various bend operations and an instant view into various status-checks for every bend. It provides controls to view or stop the folding simulation.

For each bend, the navigator will display several rows of status icons. Each colored icon represents an error or a warning. Moving the mouse over the colored cell displays some more information about the error.

You can edit the bend operation, tooling, setup, etc, by clicking on the respective cells as per the required output.

Report and NC Code Generation

Click on the bend report icon to generate a bend report. And to generate NC code click on the NC code icon.

Bend Report

NC Code

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