New Advanced Edit Toolpath-CAMWorks

How different is the Advance Edit Toolpath option with CAMWorks 2020? Does the Edit Toolpath functionality come with more insert options for the toolpath records?

In the previous version of CAMWorks, when the Insert Button was clicked a separate New Toolpath Record dialog box would be displayed. Users had to input parametric values associated with the new toolpath record to be inserted in this dialog box. On clicking the OK button within this dialog box, the UI would revert to the Advanced Edit Toolpath dialog box.

From CAMWorks 2020 version onwards, the New Toolpath Record dialog box has been integrated with the Advanced Edit Toolpath dialog box as the Insert New Records group box at the bottom of the dialog box. User can edit, delete or insert toolpath records associated with a toolpath.

This dialog box is displayed when you expand a 2.5 Axis Mill or 3 Axis Mill operation node in the Operation tree, right-click on the Mill feature listed under that operation and select the Advanced Edit Toolpath command from its context menu.

The layout within the Insert New Records group box has been simplified into three tabs to correspond to the type of toolpath record to be inserted. The parameters displayed within the Insert New Records group box depends on the tab that is currently active.


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