Punch CAM is the complete solution for your CNC punch machines, with support for integrated and bi-directional 2D / 3D CAD import formats or design with MetaCAD

Auto Tool Function

Auto Tooling is done based on large set of parameters and tooling guidelines. Tooling Patterns, Nibble Pitch, Tool Overlap, Tool Size Tolerance etc. can be controlled and automated through the tooling process

Tool Library

Punch CAM has configurable automatic tooling, along with interactive tooling with duplicate feature mapping. Standard, Special, Forming, and Custom tools can be created, maintained, and synced using the MetaCAM Tool Library. Graphical Turrets with a true representation of the actual machine turret are a standard feature. Tools can be loaded using drag-and-drop feature. Multiple turrets can be stored for each machine and reports printed to review tool lists.

Auto Sequence

MetaCAM allows you to sequence the tooling of the part for generating NC code. Table and Interactive Sequence help you to graphically verify the tooling sequence.

Priority Driven Auto Tooling

Auto Tooling Patterns are all priority driven and subdivided based on tool shape, hole size and tool type. You can also select the pattern of your choice graphically


  • Sophisticated Auto Tooling Engine minimizes manual intervention.
  • Color Coded Graphical Turret and Tool Library for easy operation.
  • Automatic Assignment of Wire joints and Corner joints based on the size of part
  • Automatic Chute Assignment
  • Support for Custom Shape Tools and Form Tools
  • Automatic Sequencing and Repositioning generates NC code in one operation
  • Table Sequencing provides graphical display and easy editing to sheet wide sequence.
  • Supports Multiple Tool Libraries and Tool Collections based on make and model of tooling.


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