MetaBEND is an offline press brake bending and simulation software. MetaBEND from Metamation is designed around sheet metal cutting and bending operations and support a very large range of machines that are in today’s market. 

With the offline bending CAD options, you can either use MetaBEND’s integrated and bidirectional 2D/3D CAD or import from many supported external file formats like STEP, IGES, SAT, IPT, PRT, PSM, SLDPRT and many more

Auto tooling and validation – You can choose from a wide range of press brake machines and multiple models. Once the desired bend machine is selected, the auto tooler assigns suitable tooling based on the 3D model to generate a collision free bend sequence. The Bend Sequence and Tooling Layout can be output on graphical reports. You can view the back gauges graphically and also change the position of the back gauges in the 3D visual representation window.

Simulation and Edit Control

The Bend Simulator provides detailed, precise, and configurable simulation of the entire operation. Back gauge movement, ram stroke, part insertion, and retraction are all animated. Simulation checks for collision between parts, tools, punch holder, and machine – displays any such collisions found in the model. Collisions can be visually inspected, zoomed in, and corrected using the graphical interface.

Moving offline to online 

output your program to the shop floor (NC code, setup sheet or MCAM viewer)


MetaBEND is a software tool to aid design to manufacture 

. Validate parts before you produce them 

. Keep brakes bending with reduced setup

. Improve quality metrics 

. Store bend programs for reuse