Curve Features for Chamfering

How can you generate curve features for Chamfering in CAMWorks? What’s new with the chamfer machining option in CAMWorks 2020?

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The option to generate Curve features for Chamfering using Automatic Feature Recognition (AFR) is now available with CAMWorks 2020. CAMWorks 2019 version provided the ability to chamfer machines using a curve feature was added. Now, with the 2020 version the option has been extended to include the automatic selection of edges to be used for the curve feature.

To exercise the option of recognizing Curve features for Chamfering, select the option of Curve Feature for Chamfering box in the Mill Features tab of the CAMWorks Options dialog box. Also note that you can provide additional conditions when defining the Curve feature for chamfering using options in the Curve Features Options group box.

  • Use the Max Face Angle parameter to select the edges for Curve feature. Any edges formed by faces which have an angle exceeding the defined value will not be considered for detection.
  • Select the Planar edges only checkbox option if only edges that lie in the XY plane with respect the Mill Part Setup’s origin are to be considered when recognizing the Curve Feature for Chamfering using AFR.
Option for ‘Curve features for chamfering’ in the Mill Features Tab of CAMWorks Options Dialog Box

Once the Extract Machinable Features command is executed, the convex edges of the part model, as visible from the Mill Setup direction, will be recognized as a Curve Feature for Chamfering. Both open-ended and closed Curves features for Chamfering can be recognized in this manner.

Interactively Inserting Curve Features for Chamfering

If required, Curve Features for chamfering can be interactively inserted using the 2.5 Axis Feature Wizard.

When the Feature Type selected in the Select Entities dialog box of this Wizard is a Curve Feature, the Auto Select Edges for Chamfering button will be displayed within the dialog box.

Executing this button command will auto-detect the convex edges of the part model (as visible from the Mill Setup direction) for chamfering/ edge breaking. The auto-detected edges will be listed in the Selected Entities list box.


  • The Auto Select Edges for Chamfering button will become disabled when the Selected Entities list box contains any selections.
  • The checkbox option Check for Tapers and Fillets will not be available when the Feature Type selected in the Select Entities dialog box is a curve feature.
‘Select Entities’ dialog box in 2.5 Axis Feature Wizard

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