CAMWorks 3-Axis Machining

3 Axis Milling is the machining process of milling the parts in X, Y, and Z directions, and the tool motion is along 1, 2, or 3 Axes simultaneously. It is usually a quick and simple process in CAMWorks.

The main advantage of CAMWorks 3 Axis milling is that users can mill the part models with a smaller number of steps and setups and with more accuracy.

With CAMWorks we can create 3 axis toolpaths through automated and interactive methods. Using the knowledge base that can be captured in the Technology database, toolpaths can be automatically inserted base on the features.

In CAMWorks, we can create 3 axis toolpaths using the following operation types: Area Clearance, Z Level, Flat Area, Pattern Project, Constant Stepover, Pencil Mill, Curve Project, Legacy Rough Mill, Legacy Finish Mill.

We will examine these operations in greater detail in this course.

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