Clearance Planes for Multiaxis Operations

Is there an option or feature to define the type of Clearance plane to be used for a Multiaxis operation?

Read more on the new functionality in CAMWorks 2020 in the blog below.

CAMWorks 2020 has added a new functionality to provide a visual feedback of the clearance plane generated for Multiaxis (5 Axis) operations (includes Multiaxis Mill, Multiaxis Drill and Swarf Milling operations) by displaying the clearance plane in the graphics area.

For Multiaxis operations, the Clearance plane is defined using the parameters in the Clearance group box of the Entry/Retract tab in the Operation Parameters dialog box for those operations. The following options are available in the Type dropdown list within this group box to define the type of Clearance plane to be used:

  • Plane in X
  • Plane in Y
  • Plane in Z
  • Cylinder about X
  • Cylinder about Y
  • Cylinder about Z
  • Sphere
Setting the Clearance Type in Entry/Retract Tab for a Multiaxis Operation

In previous versions of CAMWorks, there was no functionality to view the clearance plane of a Multiaxis operation in the graphics area of SOLIDWORKS/ CAMWorks Solids.

From CAMWorks 2020 version onwards, whenever the cursor focus is on the Clearance Type dropdown list in the Entry/Retract tab for a Multiaxis operation, and any one of the options listed above is selected in Clearance Type dropdown list, the corresponding clearance limit will be displayed in the graphics area. This functionality ensures that you get a visual feedback of the clearance plane within the graphics area.

Clearance Type set to ‘Plane in Y’
Clearance Type set to ‘Cylinder about X’
Clearance Type set to ‘Sphere’

The displayed clearance plane will disappear from the graphics area when you shift the cursor focus to another parameter. The color of the clearance limit can be set by assigning the desired color to the Rapid Toolpath item in the Color Settings list box under Display tab of the CAMWorks Options dialog box.

CAMWorks 2020 has paved the way for smart manufacturing not only by adding new functionalities like Multiaxis Clearance Zone Display, Automatic Edge Chamfering and Deburring, Probe Tools and Probing Operations, and more but also enhancing few other existing features.

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