Chamfer Machining option for Curve Features

In previous versions of CAMWorks, the Chamfer Machining functionality wasn’t available for Curve features. From CAMWorks 2019 version onward, this functionality has been enabled in Contour Mill operations for Curve features. To use the machining option for Curve features, place a check in the Chamfer Machining checkbox option under Contour tab of the Contour Mill operation generated for the Curve Feature.

Avoid allowance

A new parameter of “Avoid allowance” ensures that the tool doesn’t overcut the adjacent segments.W hen the curve feature consists of multiple segments then, only the segments which are at an angle lesser than the tip angle of the tool used will be machined. The other segments will not be machined. Under such conditions the avoid allowance parameter is used to keep the tool away from the segments which will not be machined by the set tool. Use the newly introduced Avoid Allowance parameter in the Contour tab of Contour Mill operations generated for chamfer machining of Curve Features to specify the distance by which the tool is supposed to avoid the segments which are not being machined.

TechDB strategy for Curve Features

A new Default Strategy named Edge Break has been introduced in the TechDB for Curve Features. This strategy can be viewed for Curve features in the Mill>>Features & Operations interface of the TechDB App.

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