CAMWorks ShopFloor, Manufacturing Communication Product

CAMWorks ShopFloor! This exciting new Smart Manufacturing product is the ideal platform for paperless, digital manufacturing on the shop floor.

CAMWorks ShopFloor empowers CNC programmers & machinists with a new set of tools to reduce setup time and increase productivity through better communication. It is designed to help accelerate the transition to digital manufacturing and to boost manufacturing efficiency by allowing the shop floor to view programmed parts and associated manufacturing data digitally.

CAMWorks ShopFloor helps in digital transformation in the following ways:
A complete CAD viewer
CAMWorks ShopFloor allows a user to view native design models and associated PMI data.


A complete CAM data viewer
View tool lists, toolpaths, work offsets, toolpath simulation. It contains rich apps to view G-code and setup sheets.
PDM compatible
CAMWorks Shopfloor files are PDM compatible.
CAM Data Archive or a digital container
Makes all manufacturing data available to the shop floor in the digital format, under one single interface.
Associative and Trackable
Maintains and tracks associativity between manufacturing data and the design models.
Independent, lightweight and inexpensive
No need to have expensive licenses like SOLIDWORKS or CAMWorks, to view/manage manufacturing data.
Track changes and communicate with stakeholders

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