CAMWorks follows Curve Machining

One of our customer’s query on CAMWorks was “Who uses CAMWorks with SolidWorks for their designing needs?”

Customer wanted to machine only the specific faces on the part which is marked in blue in the image. Though it looks simple to machine, if you require particular pattern to suit your mould this can be tricky.

The Manufacturing perspective having all the necessary tool dimensions like HogNose cutter, radius 5mm, Diameter 25mm. Radially wanted to machine only the specific part as shown in the image. Whereas On the  Finishing Cut, preferably have similar steps like 0.1mm step down, and on shallow areas .1mm step sideways.

Here is the detailed solution for the query, We have tried our best to keep it simple, so everyone can understand easily.
Please go through the below video and let us know if you have more questions on this topic.

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